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This sculpture representing the symbolism of the monkeys of wisdom (the mute, the deaf and the blind), was made by a Cameroonian craftsman. The ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of Cameroon allows the deployment of a very great artisanal creativity.
Traditionally used by the peoples of Africa as a form of expression of the local uses and customs, sculpture is today also widely used for modern and contemporary interior decorations. This trio of monkeys will bring an exotic touch to your decor while being a good way to teach your children or loved ones the symbolism behind this sculpture.

The item being handcarved, please note that each piece is unique. Therefore the item you will receive may vary slightly from the one online.

Material: Royal ebony wood (ebony in 2 colors)

Origin: Cameroon

Size (cm): H14 X L18 X L5

Care Instructions: Clean with a clean, dry cloth.

Artist info

Our sculptures are made by artisans of Yaounde Craft Center in Cameroon. They are mostly inspired by African environment with for example wild animals, warriors or musical instruments such as Balafons, and are made with exotic woods like ebony or paduk.

These sculptures, even if they are for decorative use, they have nevertheless a cultural or traditional symbolism, such as the pregnant woman, symbol of family perenniality, the monkeys of wisdom, representing one of the keys to happiness, or even the Fang masks, which refer to the Bantu ethnic group of the same name found in several Central African countries such as Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.


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