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Ikama was born in 2020 with the main goal to value African arts and crafts, and thus allow a large public to make a virtual journey in this wonderful artistic environment: Africa.

African artisans, for the most part, have difficulties to live decently with their art because their work is often unknown and their precarious living conditions don’t always allow to develop their talent on a larger scale.

We hope through this site to more highlight them and help to evolve their exceptional talents, allowing them to live more decently. You will discover works from various countries such as Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon, Senegal among others, our objective being to find over time new works all over African continent.

We are also committed to developing a fair trade partnership with our various artisans by buying our products at rates that respect their work. This involves the following:

  • Buy as much as possible our works directly from the manufacturers in order to avoid the multiple intermediaries who do not necessarily care about the fair remuneration of the craftsman, and who unfortunately oblige to offer a more substantial tariff to the end consumer.

  • Develop a close relationship with our artisans in order to better understand their needs and the constraints they face in the realization of their products; This allows to have a flexibility in the desired delivery deadlines and a degree of adaptation that takes into account their working conditions.

This project being entirely born from the desire to highlight the African crafts, «Ikama» appeared to us of a natural evidence when searching for the name of the website because it refers to the oldest name of the territories commonly called today “Africa”.

Good trip to Africa and Welcome to Ikama!