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Mainly made of straw coated with thread of variable colors, this basket is not only suitable for your storage in any room of the house, but can also serve as a glove box or to store your jewelry.

This beautiful multifunction basket entirely handmade by the Wolof women of the NGO of the villagers of Ndem in Senegal is a marvel craft and an exotic decorative object for your contemporary interior.

Since the article is handmade, please note that each piece is unique.

Material: Straw and recycled plastic thread.

Origin: Senegal

Size (in cm): H20 (8-9 without lid) x D13-15 (slight variation in size depending on the basket)

Care: Cleans with a slightly dampened cloth.

Artist info

Our baskets are handmade by women of Maam Samba Rural Cooperative of the NGO of Ndem village in Senegal, located at 120km from Dakar. This NGO created for more than 30 years now, works very actively for the development of its village as well as 15 other surrounding villages in areas such as Crafts, Health, Environment and Education.

The craft centre is at the heart of the NGO’s project, as it represents the root of the social and solidarity economy of Ndem village and its surroundings. From the beginning of its creation, it strives to value traditional African know-how while adapting to the norms and qualities of the international market, and this in an ethical vision of work and the environment. It respects the principles of fair trade, allowing artisans to live decently in their environment and culture. The craft centre employs more than a hundred women working in different sectors such as textiles, basketry and dyeing.
All the profits generated by commercial projects are re-injected into the various poles of the NGO, as well as the new small projects that are put in place, in order to allow their sustainability.


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