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This African trivet is entirely hand-woven with passion and patience by women with disabilities from Talking Through Art in Rwanda. It is 100% vegetal because composed of straw (internal part) coated with a fiber extracted from sisal. This fiber with the white base, is dyed in a natural way with various colors that allow to realize the magnificent designs that are represented on each piece.

A true masterpiece of craftsmanship, it can be used as much as a trivet as a placemat, and more contemporary, as a wall decoration because each item is equipped with a hook at the back.

Particularly strong and durable, it is a great original and much appreciated gift idea.

Material: straw and fibre extracted from sisal.

Origin: Rwanda.

Dimensions: about 25cm (slight variation depending on the piece)

Care: It is mainly used indoors because the external heat deteriorates the natural colour of the product. Avoid wetting it.

Artist info

Our Rwanda baskets are handmade with passion and patience by Talking Through Art, a Kigali-based association of more than 80 women with disabilities following the Rwandan genocide.

Founded in 2015, TTA helps these women use their traditional basketry know-how to earn an income. The association also offers art therapy, English courses, family planning and other life skills courses, all with the aim of building the confidence and self-esteem of its members, and help them become independent and active participants in Rwandan society.

The association also supports more than 50 children whose parents are disabled because it believes in education as a key to a better life and giving these children more opportunities to support their parents in adulthood.

We are particularly honoured to work with TTA, whose approach touches us deeply. Each of your purchases helps to strengthen the struggle of these women and improve their living conditions.


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