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This sublime round bowl, handmade by Kenyan artisans, is carved from olive wood. Due to its high density and its resistance, olive wood is very convenient for kitchen items which therefore keep for a very long time.
With its beautiful natural wood color and edges decorated with aseptic cow bone, polished and batik stained with African tribal patterns, this bowl will bring a touch of originality and exoticism to your table.

As the item is hand-carved from the entire olive wood, please note that each piece is unique due to the unique nature of the veins of each tree. Therefore no other part is identical to the one in line.

Material: Olive wood and cow bone.

Size: D25cm

Origin: Kenya

Care: Wash by hand only and dry immediately with a towel. Do not soak in water. Regularly coating your bowl with food oil (ideally olive oil) will restore the wood’s shine and guarantee its impermeability.

Artist info

Our beautiful olive wood kitchen utensils are entirely hand-carved with love and passion as you can see in the video below by our carver Christopher Ndolo, who lives in the small village of Kivuthini-Kibwezi about 190km from Nairobi, Kenya.

Carver for more than 25 years, he is specialized in the work of kitchen items in olive wood, art that allows him to feed and school his family of 5 children. Unfortunately, like many African craftsmen, his achievements barely exceed the framework of his native region and we wish through this website, highlight these beautiful objects of our daily life that can be also use as decoration like bowls for fruit or appetizer.


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