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This beautiful African basket is entirely hand-woven with passion and patience by women in Swaziland. It is mainly composed of straw and sisal, and can be dyed in various colors. It is therefore a 100% plant product made in total respect of the environment. It is suitable for example as a vacuum bag while being decorative.

A true masterpiece of craftsmanship, it is perfect to bring originality and exoticism to your interior and is also highly appreciated as a gift.

Material: Straw and sisal

Origin: Swaziland

Dimensions: D22cm x H7cm

Care instructions: It is mainly used indoors because the external heat deteriorates the natural colour of the product. Avoid wetting it.

Info artistes

Our beautiful tableware from Swaziland is entirely hand-woven by Gone Rural, an entity born to help women in the most remote areas of Eswatini become independent. It started small income-generating projects in the 1970s with rural women across the country and then focused on the mountainous regions where the beautiful Lutindzi grass was growing and where women were already weaving, Designing hand-woven products that rural women would create to earn a fair and sustainable source of income.

Gone Rural uses creativity to spark social change and now works with more than 780 female artisans. A quarter of a century later, women and the community remain at the heart of the project. Gone Rural began to reinvent Eswatini’s traditional weaving techniques and quickly gained international popularity.  It maintains its commitment to ethical production and women’s empowerment while expanding its market to countries around the world.



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