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Mask entirely hand-carved by Ivorian artisans, it is inspired by masks of Baoulé culture, ethnic group found in Ivory Coast. Originally, the Baoulé mask is used for rituals relating to agriculture, fertility and funeral ceremonies.
Here you will find his contemporary version representing the human face in various colors and different traits. This beautiful mask will perfectly adapt to your modern interior by bringing it a touch of originality and exoticism.

The item being handmade, please note that each piece is unique. The item you will receive is the one presented online.

Material: Iroko

Origin: Ivory Coast

Size (cm): L45 x W21 x D9.

Care Instructions: Clean with a clean and dry cloth.

Artist info

We work with Faye Brothers of Abidjan crafts in Ivory Coast, who find masks for us of various ethnic groups such as Baoulé, Fang and Bakota. All our masks are made in Ivory Coast with wood such as teak or Iroko, cut in the respect of environment and under the supervision of Culture Ministry.

Some are inspired by masks from Central African countries such as Cameroon (Fang) or Gabon (Bakota), but unlike the original version of the Fang mask for example which is rather bleached with kaolin, our «Fang ivorian» masks are made with animals and colors, to integrate more easily into a contemporary decor.

The shop of these two brothers passionate about handicrafts is full of treasures handmade by Ivorian artisans over countless hours of work. Their products are currently sold to locals as well as tourists, but we wanted to make them benefit the greatest number, and thus make known the work of the artisans represented by Faye brothers.


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